The Force Awakens Speculation: Finn is Luke’s Son

This will have spoilers for the new Star Wars movie, of course.

There have been lots of articles trying to puzzle out various potential mysteries in the newest Star Wars film, typically focusing on Rey’s parentage, whether she is the child of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker or someone else, and so forth.

I haven’t seen much speculation about Finn’s parents, though, which is interesting. I think the movie drops a lot of hints that Finn is Luke Skywalker’s son. Let’s go through the evidence. I have only seen the movie once and my memory isn’t that great, but I think I’ve got everything in order.

First, Finn is apparently an orphan, like all other First Order stormtroopers. He never knew his parents – his entire family is the First Order. Clearly something happened to his parents, but what? We don’t know. Did the catastrophic loss of his son precipitate Luke’s exile? It’s quite possible! We of course already have a precedent for one of our heroes believing his father to be gone, only for it later to be revealed that his father is alive and well: this is Luke’s revelation in the original trilogy. There is a clear chance for the son to go through what the father once went through.

Like Luke, Finn is both attracted and repelled by the idea of joining the fight against the bad guys. Luke is excited by the possibility of getting off of Tatooine and getting wrapped up in the Rebellion, but his responsibilities cause him to reject Obi-Wan’s offer and go back home, only to find his aunt and uncle dead, at which point he joins the adventure. Finn initially passes himself off as a member of the Resistance, but he has second thoughts, and is getting ready to leave everything when the First Order attacks and Rey is captured, which is when Finn finally commits.

Finn and Luke’s lightsaber clearly have some affinity for each other. When Rey discovers the lightsaber, it frightens her off with a bunch of scary, upsetting visions, which results in the lightsaber coming into Finn’s possession, where it stays until the end of the film, when Finn is defeated in the lightsaber duel and Rey takes up the saber again.

Finn and Luke both have American accents, this despite the fact that John Boyega, who plays Finn, is British, not American. Why bother having Boyega change his accent if not to make the link that much closer?

Finn, like Luke, takes the role of gunner in the Millenium Falcon, and, like Luke, although he is in an unfamiliar situation, he soon gets the hang of it and exultantly whoops as he blows up TIE Fighters.

Finn ends the movie pretty beat up after his lightsaber duel. This echoes the end of The Empire Strikes Back, which found Luke similarly beat up after his lightsaber duel.

So, this is all pretty conclusive, I think. But I know that a lot of you are probably thinking that there’s still one part that doesn’t make sense, something that hasn’t been explained. And that, of course, is how Finn can be Luke’s son if Rey is Luke’s daughter, because, like all the other articles point out, there are so many hints that Rey is Luke’s daughter. The answer is obvious: they’re siblings! Star Wars has already pulled this once before, remember – Leia turned out to be Luke’s sister. So this wouldn’t be the first time that two Skywalker siblings have gone on intergalactic adventures together without realizing it. And because Finn and Poe are clearly going to fall in love in the next two movies, this will recreate the dynamic that occurred in the original trilogy when Leia and Han fell in love with each other.