Curriculum Vitae

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Name: Daniel, Danny, or Dan Weltman
Email: dweltman at ucsd dot edu
Mail: Mailbox in H&SS 7096
Office: H&SS 7054 (it has an ocean view!)
Office hours: Posted outside office and in constant flux


2011 - Present: PhD in Philosophy in progress at University of California, San Diego.

2007 - 2011: BA in Philosophy and Political Science magna cum laude at Washington University in St. Louis.


Nope. (I'm working on it, I swear!)


"Secession and Human Rights"

Graduate Forum on Human Rights (University of California, San Diego 2017)

"Measuring Civil War"

Philosophy GradCon 2015 (University of California, San Diego 2015)

"Civil War, Regime Change, and Self-Determination"

International Society of Military Ethics 2014 Meeting (Notre Dame University 2014)

"Huemer on the Right to Immigrate and the Right to Citizenship"

Philosophy GradCon 2012 (University of California, San Diego 2012)

"An Expanded Conception of Animal Sovereignty"

Borders, Territory, and Obligations Reading Group Workshop with Will Kymlicka (University of California, San Diego 2012)

"Pogge's Nested Conception of Sovereignty"

Graduate Workshop on Thomas Pogge and Global Justice (San Diego State University 2012)



Philosophy 164: Technology & Human Values (Summer 2017)

Philosophy 162: Contemporary Moral Issues (Summer 2016)

Philosophy 164: Technology & Human Values (Summer 2015)

Teaching Assistant

Philosophy 27: Ethics & Society (Summer 2014)

Philosophy 145: Philosophy of Science (Summer 2013)

Philosophy 136: Philosophy of Mind (Summer 2012)

Philosophy 13: Introduction to Ethics (Spring 2012)

Philosophy 14: The Nature of Reality (Winter 2012)

Philosophy 27: Ethics & Society (Fall 2011)


I typically offer to help carry heavy/unwieldy objects if I notice someone with them.

I often clean up after the receptions that follow department colloquia (although this is partially a selfish action, because it allows me to eat as much half-stale bread as I want).

I have organized some reading groups, including a Borders, Territory, and Obligations group (co-organizer, 2012-13), a Chinese, Islamic, and Indian Philosophy group (2016), a Feminist reading group (2016-18), and a value theory reading group (2016-18).

I was a commentator at the 2014 Pacific APA and the 2017 Pacific APA.


Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar Fellowship, University of California San Diego 2015.

Borders, Territory, and Obligations Reading Group Grant (with Alan Ward), UCSD Center for Humanities 2012-13.

SHORE Fellowship, University of California San Diego 2011.

Antoinette Dames prize for best Political Science honors thesis, Washington University in St. Louis 2010-11.