Curriculum Vitae

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Name: Daniel Weltman
Email: danny dot weltman at ashoka dot edu dot in
Mail: If you send something to Ashoka there's about a 60% chance it will get to me
Office: New Academic Block 320


2018 - Present: Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ashoka University (tenure track).


2011 - 2018: PhD in Philosophy at University of California San Diego.

2007 - 2011: BA in Philosophy and Political Science magna cum laude at Washington University in St. Louis.


Nope. (I'm working on it, I swear! Lots of things are under review! If you want to read anything, let me know.)

Comments (Blind Reviewed)

"On the Alleged Laziness of Moral Realists." The Journal of Value Inquiry, forthcoming.

"Must I Accept Prosecution for Civil Disobedience?" The Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.

"Helping Buchanan on Helping the Rebels." Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Vol 15 No 1, 2019.

Conference Presentations (Conference) and Colloquium Talks (Colloquium)

Against Agent Regret Colloquium

Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan, China (October 21, 2019)

"Gender Abolitionism: Not Now, But Later" Conference

Social Ontology 2019, the 6th Biennial ENSO Conference (Tampere University, 2019)

"Animal Rescue: Civil Disobedience or Subrevolution?" Conference

Pre-RoME Workshop on Animal Ethics (University of Colorado, Boulder, 2019)

"What Makes Requests Normative? The Epistemic Account Defended" Conference

2019 Southampton-Humboldt Normativity Workshop (University of Southampton, 2019)

"The Shifting Boundary Problem" Conference

Moral and Political Philosophy at the Border Conference (University of Texas at El Paso, 2019)

"Civil War, Regime Change, and Self-Determination"Conference

International Society of Military Ethics 2014 Meeting (Notre Dame University, 2014)

Public Philosophy

Philosophy Phriday: Personal Identity and Personal Idantity

Article for The Daily Ant, June 2018


For more details (including a syllabus for each course) see my Teaching page.

Foundation Course 16: Environmental Ethics (Monsoon 2019) (Ashoka)

Philosophy 2807: The Creation and Destruction of States: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Monsoon 2019) (Ashoka)

Philosophy 3630: Metaethics (Spring 2019) (Ashoka)

Philosophy 2665/Critical Thinking 153: Ethics and Technology (Spring 2019) (Ashoka)

Philosophy 216: Normative Ethics (Monsoon 2018) (Ashoka)

Philosophy 404: Advanced Political Philosophy (Monsoon 2018) (Ashoka)

Philosophy 164: Technology & Human Values (Summer 2017) (UCSD)

Philosophy 162: Contemporary Moral Issues (Summer 2016) (UCSD)

Philosophy 164: Technology & Human Values (Summer 2015) (UCSD)

Research Supervision

Independent Study on Bioethics (1 Undergraduate Student) (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Independent Study on Normative Ethics (2 Undergraduate Students) (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Independent Study on Equality (1 Undergraduate Student) (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Undergraduate Thesis on Virtue Ethics (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Undergraduate Thesis on Autonomous Weapons (co-supervisor with Kranti Saran) (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Undergraduate Thesis on Buddhist Ethics (co-supervisor with Alex Watson) (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Undergraduate Thesis on the Ethics of Immigration (co-supervisor with Pratap Bhanu Mehta) (2019-20) (Ashoka)

Independent Study on Philosophy Research (2 Undergraduate Students) (Summer 2019) (Ashoka)

Independent Study on Animal Ethics (3 Undergraduate Students) (Spring 2019) (Ashoka)

Conference Commentaries

"A Platitudinous Solution to the Democratic Boundary Problem" by Vuko Andrić (RoME, Boulder CO, 2019)

"The Case against Legislative Office Qualifications" by Udit Bhatia (Manuscript Workshop on Epistemic Democracy, Epistocracy and the Legislature, Delhi, 2019)

"Impersonal Paternalism" by Steven Wall (New Directions in Social Theorizing, San Diego CA, 2019)

"Is Normative Consent a Theory of Authority" by Chris King (Pacific APA, Seattle WA, 2018)

"A House Is Not a Home: The Domestic Analogy in Just War Theory" by Elizabeth Lanphier (Pacific APA, San Diego CA, 2017)

"Coercion and Distributive Justice: A Defense" by Douglas MacKay (Pacific APA, San Diego CA, 2014)


Member, Academic Integrity Committee, Ashoka (2019 - Present).

Member, Foundation Courses Committee, Ashoka (2019 - Present).

I am handling organization for the Philosophy Department's Colloquium Speaker Series and the undergraduate Thesis Research Seminar this year (2019-20).

I served on the advisory board for the UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy from 2016 until 2018.

I have organized some reading groups, including a Borders, Territory, and Obligations group (co-organizer, 2012-13), a Chinese, Islamic, and Indian Philosophy group (2016), a Feminist reading group (2016-18), and a value theory reading group (2016-18).


Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar Fellowship, University of California San Diego 2015.

Borders, Territory, and Obligations Reading Group Grant (with Alan Ward), UCSD Center for Humanities 2012-13.

SHORE Fellowship, University of California San Diego 2011.

Antoinette Dames prize for best Political Science honors thesis, Washington University in St. Louis 2010-11.