I have taught at University of California San Diego and at Ashoka University. Here are the syllabi for all the courses I have taught.

PHI 2678, AI Ethics (Ashoka, 2023 (Updated)).

PHI 2770, Political Philosophy (Ashoka, 2021, 2024 (Updated)).

PHI 3695, Personal Identity and Ethics (Ashoka, 2021).

PHI 3486, Kant's Political Philosophy (Ashoka, 2021).

PHI 1000, Introduction to Philosophy (Ashoka, 2020, 2021 (Updated), 2023 (Updated)).

PHI 2730, Introduction to Ethics (Ashoka, 2020 (Updated), 2023 (Updated)).

PHI 4730, Advanced Ethics (Ashoka, 2020, 2023 (Updated)).

FC 016, Environmental Ethics (Ashoka, 2019).

PHI 2807, The Creation and Destruction of States: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Ashoka, 2019).

PHI 2665 / CT 153 / CT 1053, Ethics and Technology (Ashoka, 2019, 2020).

PHI 3630, Metaethics (Ashoka, 2019).

PHI 404/4780, Advanced Political Philosophy (Ashoka, 2018, 2024 (Updated)).

PHI 216, Normative Ethics (Ashoka, 2018).

PHIL 164, Technology and Human Values (UCSD, 2015 and 2017).

PHIL 162, Contemporary Moral Issues (UCSD, 2016).

Resources for Teaching

A few years ago I learned about Perusall from Juliana Lima and since then I have found it very useful. For information about how I use it, see this page.


You can find all the student feedback I have received from the courses I have taught at Ashoka in this Google Drive folder. You can find all the student feedback from the courses I taught as a grad student at UCSD in this Google Drive folder.

If you would like any other information, please contact me. Here are pictures of me with dogs.

I am holding a puppy! Photo credit: Nadeen Kharputly

I am petting Sissi the Conference Dog! Photo credit: Emily McWilliams